Mar 13, 2024      Press Release      

Remedial Geography: Team Hinson Sends Opponent Map of Iowa After She Fails (Again) to Identify IA-02

Marion, IA –  FIRST, Sarah Corkery referred to Iowa’s Second Congressional District as Northwest Iowa in a social media post. THEN, Corkery was quoted as wanting to bring “Northwest Iowa’s challenges to Washington.” After Corkery made it painfully clear she had no idea who she wants to represent in Congress, Team Hinson sent her a map and called on her to explain to voters whether she wants to represent Iowans or whether she intends to represent Biden’s radical agenda:

“It’s no wonder that Sarah Corkery is confused about who she wants to represent in Congress. Repeatedly failing to identify the second district shows just how out-of-touch radical liberals like Sarah Corkery are with the concerns of actual Iowans. Corkery owes voters a straight answer to whether she supports Biden’s radical agenda of open borders, woke ideology, and reckless spending.” – Addie Lavis, Hinson Campaign Manager