See where Ashley stands on the issues most important to Iowa families and businesses:


Creating Jobs and Improving Iowa’s Economy

Ashley’s goal is simple—help American taxpayers keep more of their own money.  We need economic growth now more than ever. Throughout her time representing families in the Iowa House, Ashley voted for tax cuts that increased take-home wages for Iowa workers while achieving something Congress finds impossible—balancing a budget. Ashley wants to take some of this Iowa common sense to Washington.

Ashley supports making middle-income tax cuts passed by Republicans permanent. Iowa families and businesses are benefiting from these tax cuts. The average middle-class family increased their take home pay by over $1,600 a year—that’s a family vacation or a much-needed home repair.

Ashley will fight to make sure Democrats don’t have the votes to repeal them or do worse—pass trillions in tax hikes to support radical plans like the Green New Deal that would destroy Iowa’s economy.


For years’ healthcare has been at the center of heated political debate, but that’s all it’s been—part of a debate, rather than the center of meaningful action.

Ashley will work to make sure families have the power to make decisions about their healthcare—not bureaucrats in Washington. She opposes a Medicare For All bill that would cost $32 trillion dollars nationwide.

Instead, Ashley will fight to deliver patient-centered health care with the choice and control people want, the affordability they need, and the quality they deserve. This includes protecting coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions.


Ashley also knows we need to focus on targeted fixes to improve the current system, such as getting rid of surprise medical billing and lowering the cost of co-payments, deductibles, and prescription drugs.  Ashley will take on big Pharma to put an end to out of control prices of prescription drugs affecting all Iowans, and especially seniors. She will work to increase competition in the marketplace and close loopholes that allow bad actors to take advantage of the system.


Additionally, the federal government needs to improve access to healthcare, especially for families in rural areas, women and our mental health system. In the Iowa house, Ashley supported critical access to rural hospitals, fought for funding for local women’s health centers and worked across the aisle to increase funding for our mental health system. Ashley will take these same fights to Washington.

Holding China Accountable

China has been a bad actor for many years; however, Congress has not done enough to hold them accountable for their lies, theft and cover-up. China has trampled on human rights and religious freedoms while polluting our planet, stealing our intellectual property and ripping off of American innovation.

Politicians in Washington must take immediate action and put China in their place. Ashley will fight in Congress to bring back manufacturing jobs and lessen our dependence on China. Ashley knows that China is full of empty promises that threaten the livelihoods of Americans each and every day.

Ending the Immigration Crisis

Washington politicians have made immigration about politics when immigration is about security. Our system has been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants coming across our southern border.

Now we have a humanitarian crisis, rampant human trafficking and drugs like fentanyl pouring across our border and fueling the opioid crisis. Washington has been trying to solve the immigration issue for decades and they have done close to nothing. Ashley would go to Congress to work across the aisle to strengthen the border and find solutions.

She supports increasing funding for border security and fixing our legal immigration system so places like Iowa can have their workforce needs met. Ashley knows we can no longer pass the buck.


Agriculture is at the heart of Iowa’s economy and rural communities. That’s why in the Iowa House, Ashley fought tirelessly to protect Iowa’s farmers and agriculture.

In Washington, Ashley will continue to be a friend of agriculture. Iowa’s farmers feed the world and fuel our economic engine. Ashley understands that socialist initiatives like the Green New Deal which Congresswoman Finkenauer calls “creative”, would completely destroy Iowa’s agricultural industry and put thousands of farmers out of business.

Farmers in eastern Iowa are experiencing extreme hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ashley will work in Congress to ensure that Iowa farmers have the resources and tools they need in order to remain prosperous.

Improving Infrastructure

Repairing our infrastructure is a priority for politicians on both sides of the aisle. With the right leadership, taxpayer dollars will go toward meaningful infrastructure legislation that will upgrade our nation’s roads and bridges and expand rural broadband.

As a member of the Iowa House of Representatives, Ashley did things differently. She led the charge to secure funding to strengthen Iowa’s buildings and roads and successfully worked to pass SAVE—legislation that provides schools with the funding and tools they need to make important improvements for modern facilities, safe classrooms, and state of the art technology that enhance students’ educational experience. She also shepherded through legislation to help our communities pay for long-term infrastructure for flood protection. Additionally, as the House Transportation Chair, she worked to help ensure equity for the road use tax fund, which funds our roads and bridges.

In Congress, Ashley will work in a bipartisan manner to ensure the strength of our country’s infrastructure.

Growing Our Energy

When it comes to our energy sector, affordability, sustainability, and energy independence are critical to the future of Iowa and America. But it’s clear that some politicians have ignored this cause while others have put forth expensive, unrealistic proposals that would destroy our economy.

Ashley believes Iowa can remain a leader in renewable energy and biofuels without stifling our economic growth with unfair taxes and onerous regulatory burdens on Iowa producers. In the Iowa House, Ashley supported a law ensuring that biosecurity and our food supply are not put at risk by foreign agents or extreme activists who use deception to gain access to agricultural facilities.

Ashley will work to increase American-made energy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, protect the environment, and bring down energy costs for Iowans.


The heroism of veterans is sacred to the identity of America. Our government must protect those who have sacrificed everything to keep us safe at home.

Ashley believes in reforming the VA by supporting legislation that increases access and quality while protecting medical benefits. Ashley will support programs that work to end veteran suicide that focus on mental health rehabilitation for veterans who suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction.

Ashley will fight for veterans to ensure they are protected for their heroism and service to their country.

Supporting Education and Our Kids

Iowa is facing a workforce crisis. Study after study shows employers are struggling with shortages because they can’t find the skilled workers they need to grow and innovate. It’s clear Americans need post-secondary credentials to prosper in today’s competitive and technology-driven economy.

That’s why Ashley supported Governor Reynolds’ Future Ready Iowa initiative, which invests in workforce training to close the skills gap and ensure Iowa remains a haven for jobs and opportunity. Ashley will continue this fight at the federal level, supporting funding for vocational schools and training programs to expand access and career options for our children.

As the mother of school aged children, Ashley has been a fierce advocate for protecting Iowa kids. Ashley’s bill signed into law by Governor Reynolds, closed a loophole in Iowa law and enacted a 30-day reporting requirement for those who violate misconduct rules as school employees. Ashley has fought every day to make our children safer and she’ll do the same in Washington.