Aug 17, 2022      Press Release      

Mathis Supports Biden & Pelosi’s Higher Tax Hikes, Inflationary Spending

Marion, IA –  Liz Mathis has endorsed Speaker Pelosi’s and President Joe Biden’s massive spending package that raises taxes on the middle class and spends over $700 billion as Iowa families are facing record-high inflation and a recession.

“It is unimaginable that anyone would endorse raising taxes on hardworking Iowans right now, but liberal Liz Mathis strongly supports Biden and Pelosi’s most recent taxing-and-spending spree. In DC, Liz Mathis would rubberstamp the liberal Biden-Pelosi agenda and happily raise taxes on Iowans to pay for it.” – Sophie Crowell, Campaign Manager

By endorsing this taxing-and-spending spree, Liz Mathis supports:

  • Raising taxes on middle-class Iowans who are struggling to pay the bills in the Biden-Pelosi economy.

  • Adding 87,000 new IRS agents with the primary purpose of auditing lower-and-middle class Americans. This would make the IRS larger than Border Patrol, the State Department, and the Pentagon combined.

  • Discounts for wealthy people to purchase electric vehicles as Iowans struggle to fill up their gas tanks.

Earlier this year, Liz Mathis voted against the largest tax cut in Iowa history and against eliminating taxes on retirement income.