Oct 28, 2022      Press Release      

Mathis Says Iowans “Aren’t Interested” in her Support for Pelosi

Cedar Rapids, IA – On a recent radio appearance with Jeff Stein on KXEL, Liz Mathis said Iowans “aren’t interested” in who she will support for Speaker. Mathis is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi and her campaign is funded by Nancy Pelosi – she will support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

Jeff Stein: “Will you vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?”
Liz Mathis: “That’s interesting…They’re not interested in how I’ll vote for Speaker.”

“Iowans are demanding we fire Nancy Pelosi and put a stop to the reckless spending and radical policies that Liz Mathis would rubberstamp. Mathis is endorsed by Pelosi and just accepted another $30,000 check from her — Mathis’s first vote will be for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and Ashley’s first vote will be to fire her. – Sophie Crowell, Campaign Manager