Jul 21, 2022      Press Release      

Latest Iowa Poll Confirms Biden-Pelosi-Mathis Agenda Historically Unpopular in Iowa

Where Does Top Pelosi Recruit State Sen. Mathis Stand on Supporting Biden’s Agenda?

Marion, IA

Today, the latest Des Moines Register poll showed that only 27% of Iowans approve of the job President Biden is doing. As pollster J, Ann Selzer noted, “Biden’s job approval rating is, let’s just say, abysmal.” Congresswoman Ashley Hinson gave the following quote:

“I’m fighting back every day against President Biden and Speaker Pelosi because their policies are bad for Iowa families. My opponent will be a total rubber stamp for them, allowing them to continue down this destructive path and push their radical agenda that is historically unpopular in Iowa. Make no mistake: President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are on the ballot this year in Iowa under the name of State Senator Liz Mathis.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson