Nov 2, 2022      Press Release      

🍰 Iowans’ Message for Liz Mathis 🍰: Time to “Dessert” the Biden-Pelosi-Mathis Agenda

Cedar Rapids, IA – Every single day, Iowans are struggling to afford basic necessities because of the Biden-Pelosi inflation mess. Liz Mathis is out of touch and has supported Pelosi’s tax-and-spend agenda every step of the way. This cake was delivered to the Mathis campaign office.

Why is everything more expensive? It’s a piece of cake. Because Liz Mathis’s boss, Speaker Pelosi, can’t stop spending. Mathis cannot name a single Pelosi spending priority she doesn’t support. Mathis and Pelosi will take every opportunity to whisk away Iowans’ money and raise taxes. We need to dessert the Biden-Pelosi-Mathis agenda to save our economy and our country. And the icing on the cake? The press hasn’t held her accountable for her support for inflationary spending.