Apr 25, 2022      Press Release      

ICYMI: Hinson Speaks at IA-02 GOP District Convention

Independence, IA – Today, Congresswoman Ashley Hinson spoke at the GOP District Convention in IA-02. The crowd welcomed Hinson with a standing ovation and she spoke about the importance of keeping this seat red in November to ensure a Republican House majority. Highlights from the convention are below.

“President Biden’s first year in office is a radical failure. Inflation is at a record high…our border is open and drugs are flowing into our communities…our reputation on the world stage is diminished. The stakes in this election could not be higher and the contrast could not be clearer.”

“I will never waver in my support for our shared conservative values–strong families, strong faith, and strong patriotism. Those are my values, those are Iowa values, and those are American values.  –Congresswoman Ashley Hinson

WATCH: Hinson is welcomed by the crowd