Oct 6, 2022      Press Release      

Hinson Releases New Ad: “Change Direction”

Marion, IA – Today, Congresswoman Ashley Hinson launched a new ad, “Change Direction,” highlighting State Senator Liz Mathis’s support for failed Biden-Pelosi policies and the need to fire Speaker Pelosi to save our country. Liz Mathis’s first vote in Congress would be for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and she would greenlight the radical Biden-Pelosi agenda in Washington.

“Biden and Pelosi have failed Iowa, and we’re all feeling it. Prices, inflation, way up. Drugs pouring over the border, and woke liberals destroying everything that makes America great,” says Congresswoman Ashley Hinson in the ad“My opponent, Liz Mathis, won’t change any of that. She actually wants liberals like Pelosi in charge of our government, our lives, and even our kids. It’s time to change direction and save America before it’s too late.”