Oct 27, 2022      Press Release      

PHOTOS: Hinson Holds Gas Station Town Hall

Robins, IA – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson held a gas station town hall this morning at Otter Creek Country Store to hear from voters about how high gas prices are impacting their lives and discuss solutions to lower costs. Hinson took questions from those in attendance and then heard from people who were filling up their tank on the way to work. While Liz Mathis agrees with President Biden draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to zero and would rubber stamp his anti-American energy agenda, Hinson is advocating for an all-of-the-above energy strategy to lower costs at the pump.

Liz Mathis opposed the largest, bipartisan tax cut in Iowa history, wants to tax retirement income, and she even wants to tax the miles Iowans drive.




“I spent my morning talking with folks while they filled up their tanks at Otter Creek. The stories this morning are what we’ve heard all year: people are hurting, even taking extra shifts at work to afford gas, because of Biden and Pelosi’s disastrous energy policies and crippling inflation. Things are bad now. Life would be even more unaffordable with Liz Mathis in Congress, supporting Biden and Pelosi every step of the way. I’ll keep fighting to lower costs at the pump and for your family.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson