Oct 24, 2022      Press Release      

Hinson Championed In-Person Learning, Mathis Voted to Keep Iowa Kids Locked Out of Class as They Fell Behind

Marion, IA – The National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the “nation’s report card” showed extreme learning loss for children across the country as a result of pandemic lockdowns. According to the report, math scores saw their largest decreases ever and reading scores dropped to 1992 levels. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, a champion for reopening schools, released the below statement.

“Liz Mathis and Nancy Pelosi wanted to keep our kids “learning” behind screens while they fell behind and suffered. My very first bill in Congress was to help get our kids back in school – meanwhile, Liz Mathis voted to keep Iowa children locked out of class. While Liz always sides with the government, I’ll continue standing up for parents and families.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson


While Liz Mathis voted against opening Iowa’s schools for in-person learning, Ashley championed in-person learning for kids.

While Liz Mathis was busy criticizing Governor Reynolds for safely reopening Iowa, Ashley was fighting to divert Pelosi’s pet-project funding for a San Francisco tunnel project to kids’ mental health as they suffered from school closures.

Ashley also led the Reopen Schools Act to ensure students could learn in person nationwide.