Oct 12, 2022      Press Release      

Get the Facts: Hinson’s Pro-Life Record

Marion, IA – Here are the facts on Hinson’s pro-life record.

“I am pro-life, and like most Iowans, have always supported commonsense exceptions. Liz Mathis believes that you should be able to abort a baby up until birth – that is extreme. For me, being pro-life means doing more to protect life, which is why I have worked across the aisle to expand access to maternal health care, increase paid family leave and child care options, and make birth control available over the counter without a prescription.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson

  • Ashley supports exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother and has voted for those exceptions.

  • Ashley does not support prosecuting women for having an abortion. She supported an amendment that would prevent women from being prosecuted for having an abortion.

  • Ashley introduced legislation to ensure adult women can access over-the-counter birth control at their local pharmacy.

  • Ashley has worked across the aisle to expand access to maternal care for women in rural areas.

  • Liz Mathis is extreme and voted against a late-term abortion ban.