Oct 11, 2022      Press Release      

The Gazette Attempts to Call Firing Nancy Pelosi, Changing Direction of Country Racist

Marion, IA – Today, The Gazette sent our team an inquiry, insinuating that Congresswoman Hinson’s recent ad, Change Direction, is racist because she says that we need to fire Speaker Nancy Pelosi before it’s too late. The inquiry our team received from The Gazette is below, as are a handful of thousands of examples of the phrase “before it’s loo late” being used by politicians and in popular songs.

“How low can you go? Stopping Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden from destroying the country today has nothing to do with a mayoral candidate in Chicago decades ago. If you dare call out Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the media calls you racist. The media loves to falsely attack strong, conservative women like Ashley, and the Gazette should be embarrassed by this pathetic hack job. By the way, “Before It’s Too Late” is also a Goo Goo Dolls song – we are anxiously awaiting their conspiracy piece on that too.” – Sophie Crowell, Campaign Manager

Watch Congresswoman Hinson’s ad, Change Direction, HERE.

Here are just a handful of examples of the phrase before it’s too late being used, including from State Senator Liz Mathis and former President Barack Obama.

Former President Barack Obama (just a few weeks ago!): “In a few weeks, we’ll get to decide who we want to be. Do we want to be a nation that protects women’s rights? A nation that allows every citizen to make their voice heard? A nation that takes action on climate change before it’s too late?”
The Goo Goo DollsBefore It’s Too Late, released in 2007.
State Senator Liz Mathis: ” Planning for our future energy needs is a very smart decision to help us predict supply and demand and to help make the correct estimations before it’s too late.
President Joe Biden: “Biden pleads for funds to fight next COVID surge before it’s ‘too late’