Sep 1, 2022      Press Release      

The Contrast is Clear: Mathis Wanted to Keep Kids Behind Screens as they Suffered

Marion, IA – This morning, the New York Times reported that the pandemic erased two decades of progress in math and reading for U.S. students. Congresswoman Hinson championed in-person learning for students, and following this predictable report, called out State Senator Liz Mathis for lobbying to keep students learning behind a screen.

“Despite the science, State Senator Liz Mathis sided with Speaker Nancy Pelosi — voting to keep our kids locked out of the classroom. Mathis wanted Iowa kids to stay at home and “learn” behind screens. I led the charge in Washington to get our kids back in the classroom, while Governor Kim Reynolds was leading the fight here in Iowa. Liz Mathis sides with government, I side with parents.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson 


  • While Liz Mathis voted against opening Iowa’s schools for in-person learning, Ashley championed in-person learning for kids.

  • While Liz Mathis was busy criticizing Governor Reynolds for safely reopening Iowa, Ashley was fighting to divert Pelosi’s pet-project funding for a San Francisco tunnel project to kids’ mental health as they suffered from school closures.

  • Ashley also led the Reopen Schools Act to ensure students could learn in person nationwide.