Oct 6, 2020      Press Release      

Congresswoman Finkenauer still won’t debate Ashley Hinson

Marion, IA – Below is a statement from Ashley Hinson.

“I continue to be extremely disappointed in Congresswoman Finkenauer’s refusal to accept debate invitations with any of the television stations in Iowa’s First Congressional District. I’ve accepted debate offers from KWWL, KCRG / The Gazette, Iowa’s News Now, and most recently with WHO13. My campaign has offered numerous dates to all of these stations, and has made essentially no requirements in our negotiations regarding any rules. Congresswoman Axne and Rita Hart have both accepted three or more debates.

You may not agree with me on every issue, but let me tell you this: I will always show up to defend my record to my bosses in Iowa- the taxpayers of this district. Congresswoman Finkenauer is refusing to explain why she voted for a relief package that would cut $600 million in police funding, and allow stimulus payments to illegal immigrants. She’s refusing to explain why she votes with Nancy Pelosi 93% of the time, and why she wants to raise payroll taxes on Iowa workers by nearly 20%. It’s wrong and unacceptable.” – Ashley Hinson

Go to www.leftychickenauer.com and sign the petition calling on Congresswoman Finkenauer to accept additional debates.