Jan 7, 2024      Press Release      

Bring it On, Sarah!

Marion, IA – Ashley Hinson’s campaign manager, Addie Lavis, released the below statement on Sarah Corkery’s campaign launch. 

“We look forward to contrasting Ashley’s record of conservative results with Sarah’s radical, out-of-touch views. Iowans will reject the Corkery-Biden agenda of open borders, reckless spending, and silencing parents. Bring it on!” 

Iowans deserve answers from Sarah on the following questions:

  1. Can you define what a woman is?
  2. Should biological males be allowed to compete against biological females in sports?
  3. Should parents be notified if their child tries to change their gender identity at school?
  4. Do you think the border is secure? 
  5. Why have you not put out a statement supporting Israel following Hamas’ brutal terrorist attacks?