Future Ready Iowa

Ashley supported Future Ready Iowa to help bridge the gap between K-12 schools and community colleges, allowing students to have more access to first-hand, skills-based work experience. This legislation prioritizes the future of Iowa’s workforce, and Ashley understands that a skills shortage is harmful to our economy here in Iowa.

In the Legislature, Ashley supported the Last Dollar Scholarship program to help Iowans secure the proper skills in highly demanding fields. This legislation also allocated funds to high schools for career and technical programs that give students access to hands-on experience.


Tax cuts for middle-class families 

Ashley wants to put money back into the pockets of hard-working Iowa families. In the Legislature, Ashley supported a tax reform package that provides significant relief to middle-class families and small businesses while continuing to fund key budget priorities like education, health care, and public safety. This makes Iowa’s code more competitive and transparent.


Broadband Expansion 

In the Legislature, Ashley supported a grant program that allowed underserved communities in Iowa to access broadband. COVID-19 has shown us the importance of having reliable internet service. From working remotely to using telehealth, rural Iowa must have equal access to broadband services.


Child Care

As a working mom and parent of two boys, Ashley understands the need for affordable and accessible childcare. The increasing cost of childcare in Iowa is hurting Iowa families because it forces a parent to have to stay home and watch their kids instead of contributing to the workforce. In the State House, Ashley worked to reduce these burdensome costs for Iowa families by expanding the Child Care Tax Credit so more Iowans will be able to join the workforce.


Workforce Housing in Rural Areas

Ashley believes that to grow Iowa’s workforce in rural areas, we must focus on building up our communities so they have adequate housing that is suitable to workers and their families. In the Legislature, Ashley worked to provide incentives for small towns to increase their affordable housing options and attract more families to less populated areas of the state.


SAVE Fund Extension 

Ashley has worked across the aisle to help improve the school’s infrastructure in Iowa. As a mother of two school-aged boys, Ashley knows the importance of keeping schools safe and providing an environment conducive to learning. The SAVE fund extension provides direct relief to taxpayers in communities and creates good-paying construction jobs through 2049.