Aug 30, 2022      Press Release      

RECAP: Ashley’s BBQ Bash

Marion, IA – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson held her second annual Ashley’s BBQ Bash yesterday at the Linn County Fairgrounds with an enthusiastic crowd of over 750 supporters. The all-star speaker lineup laid out Ashley’s success as a check on the Biden-Pelosi agenda and as a representative who listens to her constituents and delivers for Iowans. Speakers laid out a clear choice in November: a vote for Ashley and economic prosperity, freedom, and conservative values, or, a vote for her liberal opponent and two more years of Nancy Pelosi, tax hikes, and more government control. Watch the full event here and check out key highlights and coverage below.

Key Speaker Highlights

“We want to do everything we can to get Ashley re-elected…she’s a conservative mom not afraid to push back against the liberal elite. Liberal Liz wants to tax your pension, she wants to keep your kids out of school, she wants to keep them masked. She is not in favor of common sense, she thinks that government is the answer, and that is not who we are as Iowans.” – Governor Kim Reynolds 

“One thing about Ashley Hinson – she has not forgotten her roots. She has traveled across her district, working hard to keep in touch with people because she knows representative government is a two-way street. Ashley is bringing that Iowa commonsense to DC to represent all of you.” – Senator Chuck Grassley 

“The road to the majority goes through the new IA-02 and that is why we need to re-elect Ashley Hinson.” – Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks 

“When we take back the majority, Ashley Hinson will continue to be one of the leading voices in the Republican party. A vote for Liberal Liz is a vote to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and America can’t afford it. To take back the House, we have to keep seats like this one.”  – Congressman Jim Banks

“Think about the woman who tried to make up for the supply chain shortage caused by this Administration when it comes to baby formula. That was Ashley Hinson. Think about the woman who said our rural veterans needed more resources, more effort, more expertise. That was Ashley Hinson. By re-electing Ashley Hinson, I can guarantee you that the red wave becomes a red tsunami.”  Senator Tim Scott

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