Oct 1, 2020      Press Release      

Ashley Hinson’s statement following Congresswoman Finkenauer’s support of the HEREOS Act 2.0

Marion, IA – Below is a statement from Ashley Hinson regarding Congresswoman Finkenauer’s vote in favor of the partisan HEREOS Act 2.0.

“Instead of working across the aisle to get Iowa families and businesses the aid they need, Congresswoman Finkenauer voted for a liberal wish-list that cuts $600 million in funding for law enforcement, and provides stimulus payments to illegal immigrants. Congresswoman Finkenauer continues to march in lockstep with Speaker Pelosi. If voting for relief payments to illegal immigrants and against funding for police officers is the reason Abby is ‘too busy’ to debate, maybe it’s time voters made her a little less busy by voting her out.” – Ashley Hinson

Note: Congresswoman Axne voted against the legislation stating: “This is going nowhere… this is just a vote to make people feel good.”