Sep 22, 2020      Press Release      

Ashley Hinson calls on Congresswoman Finkenauer to stop hiding from Iowans

Marion, IA – It’s been over two weeks since Ashley Hinson debated Congresswoman Finkenauer late at night on Labor Day in the only debate of the campaign. Hinson has agreed to offers from KWWL, Iowa’s News Now, and KCRG providing a variety of different dates and times because Iowa voters deserve to make an informed decision this November. However, the Congresswoman continues to hide her liberal record from voters.

Context: Rita Hart and Congresswoman Axne have both agreed to three or more debates in their respective races. Sen. Joni Ernst has agreed to four debates. Congresswoman Finkenauer a weak candidate, relying on dark money Super PAC spending from Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC. It is worth noting that Congresswoman Finkenauer raises twice as much money in California as she does Iowa.

The Congresswoman’s campaign previously issued a statement stating that Congresswoman Finkenauer is essentially too busy to debate the issues before the voters in this campaign. Instead, she is spending her time in Washington playing partisan games with COVID relief and derecho aid. Pelosi and Congressional Democrats put out a plan yesterday that does not fund the CCC or take care of Iowa farm support. As a member of leadership, Congresswoman Finkenauer needs to be held accountable for this failure.

Writing letters won’t cut it. Voters deserve to hear her defend these Washington failures.

With 42 days left until the election, Ashley Hinson calls on Congresswoman Finkenauer to accept additional debates to let voters make an informed decision.

“The Congresswoman should respond to KWWL, KCRG, and Iowa’s News Now to accept these debates. She should stop refusing to defend her liberal record and debate me on any of these networks. Her lack of respect for voters is obvious.” – Ashley Hinson