Aug 4, 2020      Press Release      

Abby Finkenauer and fellow Democrats stall COVID-19 relief package

Marion, IA – Yet again, Congresswoman Finkenauer finds herself prioritizing the Washington establishment and Nancy Pelosi’s agenda over Iowans’ livelihoods. It’s clear that the Congresswoman would prefer to remain in Pelosi’s good graces instead of standing up to the establishment and working across the aisle to pass a much needed COVID-19 relief package. Iowans deserve better, and in a time when we need it the most, Congresswoman Finkenauer continues to play partisan games.

“This is precisely the kind of Washington dysfunction Ashley Hinson talks about every day. Congresswoman Finkenauer and Speaker Pelosi passed a $3 trillion partisan wish list. Now, Pelosi and Senate Democrats are holding Iowa families hostage, and all Congresswoman Finkenauer can talk about is how great of a job she’s doing.” – Annie Topp, Press Secretary