Sep 10, 2020      Press Release      

What is Abby Finkenauer hiding?

Ashley Hinson is calling on Congresswoman Finkenauer to accept additional debates and respect the voters of Iowa’s First Congressional District.

Marion, IA – Ashley Hinson, the Republican nominee for Congress in Iowa’s First District, is challenging Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer to additional debates. Hinson has accepted debate invitations from multiple media outlets in the district such as KWWL, KCRG and Iowa’s News Now. It appears as though the Congresswoman and her campaign have misplaced their invites, and are now radio silent. Is the Congresswoman waiting in line to get Nancy Pelosi’s sign off?

“Congresswoman Finkenauer has only accepted one debate, on the evening of a holiday. What is the Congresswoman scared of? Voters deserve to make an informed decision. Do they want higher taxes and more government or do they want lower taxes and less government? Do they want to secure the border and fix our immigration system or do they want a Congresswoman like Abby Finkenauer who supports sanctuary cities? I have accepted every single debate invitation because I am not afraid to tell voters what I believe in. As your Congresswoman, I won’t play politics, I will tell you where I stand.” – Ashley Hinson

“Congresswoman Finkenauer had an abysmal debate performance on Labor Day. It’s no surprise that she doesn’t want to show up for more debates. Congresswoman Finkenauer is unable to defend why she has turned her back on Iowa and casts 93% of her votes with San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi. At the end of the day, one debate isn’t enough. We are ready to make additional debates happen with any of the TV stations in the district.” – Jimmy Peacock, Campaign Manager