Sep 7, 2020      Press Release      

The Finkenauer-Pelosi Agenda is wrong for Iowa

Marion, IA –   Ashley Hinson released the following statement regarding Nancy Pelosi’s protege, Congresswoman Finkenauer.

“Iowans are common sense folks. They want leaders in Washington who solve problems, build consensus, and get things done. The only person Congresswoman Finkenauer has been focused on getting things done for is Nancy Pelosi. The Pelosi-Finkenauer agenda is wrong for Iowa and we must defeat it at the ballot box starting October 6th. Whether it’s extreme environmental policies that will devastate Iowa farmers or playing political games with relief packages, Congresswoman Finkenauer and Nancy Pelosi deserve to be fired by Iowans.” – Ashley Hinson

  • Congresswoman Finkenauer votes with Nancy Pelosi 93% of the time.
  • Congresswoman Finkenauer is on Speaker Pelosi’s Leadership Team.
  • Congresswoman Finkenauer wouldn’t tell Iowans in 2018 whether or not she would support Nancy Pelosi for speaker. The Congresswoman’s first vote in Congress was for Nancy Pelosi.
  • Congresswoman Finkenauer raises 2x as much money from Pelosi’s California as Iowa.