Jul 6, 2022      Press Release      

Senator Dan Zumbach in The Gazette: Liz Mathis is too Liberal to Represent Iowa

Senator Dan Zumbach, Chair of the Iowa Senate Agriculture Committee and accomplished legislator, lays out Liz Mathis’s liberal voting record

The Gazette
By: State Senator Dan Zumbach
July 1, 2022
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As we enter the 2022 midterm election season, Iowans are starting to vet candidates. As you do so, I want to introduce you to Liz Mathis. She’s a liberal, and her voting record in the Iowa legislature reflects that. From voting against bipartisan tax cuts for working families, wanting schools closed to in-person learning during the pandemic, and embracing socialists like Elizabeth Warren, she is far too liberal to represent Iowa. And make no mistake: in Washington, she would vote in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi to further Joe Biden’s failed agenda.

State Senator Mathis voted against the largest bipartisan income tax cut for Iowans in the history of our state. With prices getting higher by the day and families struggling to pay bills, Iowans need a relentless fighter in Washington who will make sure you keep more of your hard-earned money. If Speaker Pelosi wants to raise your taxes, Liz will fall in line, just as she has done in the Iowa state Senate.

Mathis supported extended lockdowns. When Governor Reynolds was working to safely reopen Iowa’s schools and economy, Mathis was “pissed off” and lobbying for schools and businesses to remain closed. She voted to keep students learning entirely behind a screen instead of allowing our kids to go back to class, where we know they learn best.

With a lockdown and mandate-happy Biden Administration, we need someone who stands up for our freedoms, not someone who supports tossing them to the side.

Senator Mathis doesn’t think you should have to show your ID to vote. She voted against Iowa’s election integrity laws that make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. And in Washington, she would join Pelosi and Biden’s effort to remove voter ID requirements nationwide and give the federal government control over Iowa’s elections by supporting H.R. 1 and H.R. 4, just like Representative Cindy Axne did.

Liz Mathis doesn’t stand with the brave men and women in law enforcement. She voted against imposing tougher penalties on those who assault police officers during protests and riots. Crime is spiking across the country, as are targeted attacks against law enforcement. Now, more than ever, our police officers need leaders who have their back. Senator Mathis has proven she will stand with the woke left wing of the Democratic Party.

If you want to know who Liz Mathis will emulate in Washington, look no further than her unwavering support for Elizabeth Warren, who she has praised as “very common-sense.” There is nothing common sense about supporting the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and other socialist policies.

If Liz Mathis is elected to Congress, she’ll do just what Nancy Pelosi tells her to do. And based on her record, Pelosi won’t have to try very hard to get Liz to support tax hikes, wasteful spending, and other radical policies that will hurt Iowans.

There is too much at stake in this election: higher taxes, our god-given freedoms, and security for our nation. Pelosi and Biden want to take our country down the road to socialism, and Liz Mathis will help them do it.

In Washington, Ashley Hinson has been Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare. She is a trusted conservative and fiscal hawk who has stood up against the left and delivers for Iowans every single day as our Congresswoman. Ashley Hinson is the leader we need in Congress, and it’s why voters in Iowa will reject a bonafide liberal in Liz Mathis.