Jun 30, 2020      Press Release      

House Democrats move to decimate ethanol industry and Iowa farmers, Finkenauer MIA

Today, Ashley Hinson denounced Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s radical climate change proposal. Pelosi’s extreme plan would devastate the biofuels industry, farmers and Iowa’s economy, but Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer has remained silent on the disastrous proposal.

The extreme plan would mandate “all cars be zero-emission by 2035 and heavy-duty trucks be 100 percent zero-emission by 2040.” This effectively eliminates the ethanol market. Pelosi boasted that she, “will turn this report into law.” Congresswoman Finkenauer is a key member of Pelosi’s House leadership team, but has done nothing to protect her constituents.

“Congresswoman Finkenauer owes Iowans an explanation for refusing to stand up against a radical policy that would bankrupt Iowa farmers and decimate the renewable fuels industry,” said Ashley Hinson.  “Congresswoman Finkenauer is on Speaker Pelosi’s leadership team and for her to turn her back on Iowans and let this plan move forward is simply unacceptable. Abby Finkenauer has lost her way.”

Speaker Pelosi’s plan comes on the heels of the Sierra Club’s endorsement of Finkenauer.  The Sierra Club works to stop the ethanol industry from existing and avidly supports the Green New Deal.