Oct 12, 2022      Press Release      

Hinson Dominates IA-02 Debate, Mathis Supports Pelosi Agenda

Marion, IA – Tonight, Congresswoman Ashley Hinson and State Senator Liz Mathis participated in their first televised debate. While Ashley laid out her positive vision to ensure families keep more of their hard-earned money, keep our communities safe, and get America back on the right track, Mathis doubled down on her support of Nancy Pelosi, tax hikes, and open borders.

“I appreciated the opportunity to showcase the big and important differences between my opponent and myself during tonight’s debate. State Senator Liz Mathis’s first vote in DC would be for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker – she made it clear tonight that she would support Pelosi’s way of higher taxes and more spending. My first vote next Congress would be to fire Speaker Pelosi because Iowans can’t afford the Biden-Pelosi agenda. I will continue to be a check on the Biden-Pelosi agenda, continue to deliver results for Iowans, and ensure my kids, and yours, have a brighter future.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson

“Ashley dominated tonight’s debate. Liz Mathis stands with her biggest supporter Nancy Pelosi, not with Iowans. Liz’s first vote would be for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker – for two more years that look like the failures of the last two. Iowans will reject the Biden-Pelosi-Mathis agenda of higher taxes, more spending, and open borders in November.” – Sophie Crowell, Campaign Manager

“Ashley brings our commonsense Iowa values to DC, and fights for us every single day against the radical Pelosi agenda. Liz Mathis voted against the largest bipartisan tax cut in Iowa history and wants to silence parents. Let’s send Ashley back to Congress in November.” – Governor Kim Reynolds

“Ashley Hinson is a fighter for Iowa farmers and families. Liz Mathis would rubberstamp the tax-and-spend Biden-Pelosi agenda of open borders, dependence on foreign energy and hiring 87,000 new IRS agents. Ashley’s opponent is too liberal to represent Iowans. Iowans have an effective advocate in Ashley and that’s why voters will send her back to Congress in November.” – Senator Chuck Grassley 

“I’m proud to support Ashley and tonight’s debate proved why we need to send her back to Congress in November! She stands up for taxpayers and is holding DC bureaucrats accountable. While Liz would support more taxes & spending, Ashley will always fight for Iowans.” – Senator Joni Ernst

“The Iowa agriculture community needs Ashley in Congress – she has fought and delivered for Iowa farmers. Liz Mathis fought against agriculture in our legislature and her history says she will fight against us in Congress. We need to re-elect Ashley.” – State Senator Dan Zumbach, Chair of the Iowa Senate Agriculture Committee