Jul 27, 2021      Press Release      

Hinson Campaign Statement on Pelosi’s Handpicked Candidate in IA-01

Marion, IA – The Ashley Hinson for Congress campaign released the following statement from Campaign Manager, Sophie Crowell.

“Nancy Pelosi has handpicked her new protégé: Liberal Liz Mathis. Liberal Liz has never met a tax hike she doesn’t like — she voted against Iowa families and the largest tax cut in Iowa’s history. Liberal Liz supports lockdowns, mask mandates, and keeping our kids out of school. She even supports vaccine passports.”

“While Liberal Liz raises your taxes, stomps on your rights, and would put Pelosi’s wishes ahead of Iowa’s needs, Ashley will continue fighting and delivering for Iowa. If you’re a taxpayer, a parent, or a kid in Iowa’s schools, beware of the politics of Pelosi, brought to you by Liberal Liz Mathis.”  – Sophie Crowell, Campaign Manager

While Congresswoman Ashley Hinson takes Nancy Pelosi to task in Washington every single day and is fighting against the far-left’s destructive tax and spend agenda, Liberal Liz has proven that she would be a Pelosi puppet.

Liberal Liz voted against cutting Iowans’ taxes.
Liberal Liz voted against tougher penalties for assaulting police officers
Liberal Liz voted to allow critical race theory to be taught in Iowa schools.
Liberal Liz voted against Iowa’s election integrity legislation.
Liberal Liz voted against opening Iowa’s schools for in-person learning.