Nov 3, 2022      Press Release      

Gas Station Town Halls: Hinson Works to Lower Gas Costs, Mathis Wants to Tax the Miles Iowans’ Drive

Cedar Rapids, IA – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson held town halls at gas stations in Toledo and Waterloo to hear from voters about how high gas prices are impacting their lives and discuss solutions to lower costs. Hinson took questions from those in attendance and then heard from voters about the impact high gas prices are having on their lives. While Hinson is advocating for an all-of-the-above energy strategy to lower costs at the pump, Liz Mathis supports draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve and even wants to tax the miles Iowans drive.


“Iowans are feeling the pain at the pump — I continue to hear from folks who are trying to figure out how they’ll afford their daily commute or get their kids to school or daycare, much less take a road trip to see family. On top of this inflation disaster, Liz Mathis even wants to tax the miles that Iowans drive. While Liz would rubberstamp the Biden-Pelosi agenda and find new ways to raise taxes, I’ll fight for commonsense policies to lower costs at the pump and help Iowans keep more of their hard-earned money.” – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson