Sep 7, 2022      Press Release      

Hinson Launches First Ad: “Trent”

Marion, IA – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson is launching her first TV ad of the cycle, “Trent,” highlighting her bipartisan leadership to improve access to mental health care for veterans in rural communities. The ad features Sgt. Trent Dirks, a local veteran, who Ashley has partnered with in her efforts to expand mental health services for veterans.

“Veterans should never have to go without the help and support they need, no matter where they live in Iowa. This bipartisan bill was an important step toward improving mental health care access for our veterans, and I will never stop fighting to ensure those who served receive care for both the physical wounds and emotional scars of war. I speak on behalf of all Iowans when I say that we will always have the backs of the brave men and women who risked it all for our country.”  – Congresswoman Ashley Hinson


In Congress, Ashley has championed improving mental health care services for veterans. She co-led the bipartisan Sgt. Ketchum Rural Veterans Mental Health Act, signed into law last year. The legislation, named for Sgt. Brandon Ketchum of Davenport, Iowa, dedicates VA resources to mental health care support for rural veterans. After serving our country overseas, Sgt. Ketchum suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sought help at a local VA, but was turned away and tragically took his own life.

Hinson is on a mission to ensure that all of America’s veterans, regardless of their zip code, receive the care they have earned once they return home, and that veterans are never turned away when they seek help. She is working alongside Iowa veterans, like Sgt. Trent Dirks, to continue expanding mental health care services for veterans in Iowa.