Oct 1, 2020      Press Release      

Congresswoman Finkenauer “Too Busy” for Iowa Voters

Marion, IA – This morning, Congresswoman Finkenauer declined offers from KCRG-TV9 to debate Ashley Hinson because her schedule is “too busy.” It’s clear that Washington has changed Congresswoman Finkenauer. She has plenty of time for Nancy Pelosi, but not the taxpayers in Iowa’s First Congressional District. Voters across the district are learning that Congresswoman Finkenauer is either too afraid defend her liberal record, or unable to explain why two years serving as Nancy Pelosi’s sidekick is good for Iowa.

“I’m deeply disappointed in Congresswoman Finkenauer, and the voters I talk to every day in the First District agree with me. We need to debate the issues that matter to them. I don’t understand why Congresswoman Finkenauer has decided to disrespect the very voters that sent her to Washington. The Congresswoman should explain what exactly is keeping her so busy, because it’s pretty clear right now that Washington is getting nothing done.” – Ashley Hinson

Note: Congresswoman Axne has accepted four debates in Iowa’s Third Congressional District. Ashley Hinson is available for interviews.