Oct 19, 2020      Press Release      

Ashley Hinson television ad: “Clean Up Washington”

Marion, IA – Ashley Hinson, the Republican nominee for Congress in Iowa’s First District, is making a new pledge to voters in a television ad titled “Clean up Washington.”

  1. Stop politicians from becoming lobbyists.
  2. Ban Members of Congress from using their campaign accounts to pad their salaries.
  3. No more congressional pay raises.

“In the Iowa State House, I balanced budgets and solved problems because I listened to my constituents. That’s not how it works in Washington. I’m running for Congress to hold the corrupt politicians accountable. Stop politicians from becoming lobbyists, ban members of Congress from using their campaign accounts to pad their salaries, no more congressional pay raises. It’s time to clean up Washington.” – Ashley Hinson

Ashley is in the highest tier of the ‘Young Gun Program’ by the National Republican Congressional Committee after establishing her clear path to victory. National political forecasters believe the 1st Congressional District will be one of the most competitive races in 2020.

Ashley has a record of winning tight elections. She won in 2018 in a swing district to help hold the Iowa House majority and outperformed the Republican ticket by 5-8 points across House District 67, the heart of IA-01. She won 9 of 13 precincts in House District 67 despite Democratic outside groups outspending Republican outside groups.