Oct 31, 2019      News      

Ashley Hinson: Small Business Owners need a Champion, Count Me In

My husband Matt and his partners own a small insurance agency in Waterloo called Elliott-Hartman Insurance Services.  Elliott Hartman has provided insurance coverage for local homeowners and businesses for over 50 years.  They have an amazing, hardworking staff who cares about their community and the people they serve every day. Small business leaders make up the fabric of our communities.  Your local community business owners sponsor little league teams, canned food drives, toy drives over the holidays and countless other local teams and charities.  When a crisis hits our community, it is the small businessmen and women that show up to put us back together again. Small business owners have our back, and it is time our elected leaders return the favor.

Unlike big corporations, small businesses don’t have endless budget resources to protect their interests with expensive lobbyists and lawyers. This is why legislative action and political posturing in the Iowa legislature and in Washington D.C. matters immensely to small businesses – it means jobs, investment in our communities, and growth for Iowa. Those of us in public service need to remember that.

I’m running for Congress so that I can fight the red-tape, over-regulation and make life easier for these community businesses.  Policy matters.  In Washington, I will work to pass the “Main Street Tax Certainty Act” which will permanently extend the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  With seemingly endless regulations small businesses have to navigate, we must provide certainty so that they can grow, develop, and succeed.

I will also fight for the “Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act”. This law will force bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to research and understand the impact new regulations will have on small businesses.

Every day I talk to small business owners and workers, and the number one issue I hear about is the skyrocketing cost of health care.  We need more transparency in pricing and more flexible coverage options.  That’s why I support association health plans, so small businesses can band together to purchase health coverage at more affordable big business prices.  We also need to increase the allowances for health savings accounts.

Being pro-small business is also being pro-family.  I will support efforts to double the child tax credit in Washington. It seems like every cost is expanding for families, we must offer relief to those looking to start a family while not asking them to sacrifice their professional careers to do so.

This is a critical time to fight for our small businesses and their employees.  Congress is currently considering a piece of legislation called the “Pro Act.”  It would be the single most harmful piece of legislation to small businesses and workers’ rights that the country has seen in decades, not to mention it’s unconstitutional.  The “Pro Act” would force companies to provide contact information for employees to union organizers. The law would require employees to contribute fees to a labor organization regardless of whether or not they’re a member and it would eliminate the secret ballot on union elections. That is ridiculous.

Our workers and employers deserve strong legal protections that keep them safe from unfair coercion or pressure to join a union and pay their fees just to keep their job or their employees.  Yet, our Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer is a named co-sponsor of this legislation.  Ninety-nine-percent of Iowa’s economy is fueled by small businesses.

Why would Congresswoman Finkenauer support legislation that harms small business and workers’ rights?  Maybe it’s because 90% of Labor Union political contributions go to Democrats.  When I’m elected to Congress, I will always put Iowa families before politics.

At the end of every fiscal quarter, my husband sends me a picture his tax check to the state of Iowa and says, “spend it wisely.”  I take spending your money in Des Moines very seriously as a legislator.  In Washington, D.C. I will have this same mentality, and never forget that small businesses are the backbone of our community.  In Des Moines, and in Washington, I will have your back.