Aug 6, 2020      Press Release      

Ashley Hinson announces Small Business Advisory Committee chaired by Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg

Marion, IA – Today, Ashley Hinson, the Republican nominee for Congress in Iowa’s First Congressional District, announced the endorsement of 75 small business stakeholders from across all 20 counties. This announcement follows the National Federation of Independent Businesses endorsement of Hinson over Congresswoman Finkenauer last week. Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg will chair Hinson’s Small Business Advisory Committee. Members of the committee will provide policy recommendations and guidance throughout the campaign and in Congress.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. I will use these folks as a soundboard to help guide my decisions during the campaign and when I get to Congress. As a legislator, I always prioritize ending the over-regulation and red tape that has hurt our small businesses and their employees. Like many of us, small businesses have endured severe hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, more than ever, we must work together to create an environment where small businesses can prosper and grow. I am thrilled to have Lieutenant Governor Gregg leading this effort.” – State Representative Ashley Hinson

“Small businesses are key drivers of economic growth in rural Iowa, and Iowa’s economic resurgence is only possible by making sure they can succeed. Ashley has been a champion for small business growth in the state legislature, and I know she will continue to be an outstanding advocate for them in Congress.” – Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, Chair of Small Business Advisory Committee

“On a daily basis, small businesses have to deal with excessive regulations and onerous taxes. Ashley Hinson has the experience and passion necessary to be the small business leader Iowans can rely on. We need a strong voice fighting for us in Washington D.C.” – Jerry Akers, Great Clips

Small Business Advisory Committee Members:

Craig Adamson Linn
Jerry Akers Linn
Matt Arenholz Black Hawk
Vincent Barrale Marshall
Michelle Bell Black Hawk
Jeff Berndt Linn
Richard Braden Linn
Steve Bradley Dubuque
Gary Brinkmann Linn
Beth Brockette Linn
Pat Brown Black Hawk
Tim Busch Linn
John Chadima Linn
Mike Chismar Linn
Jim Coller Linn
Val Cromer Clayton
Mike Cromer Clayton
JJ DeMoss Linn
Josh Dreps Allamakee
Jon Dusek Linn
Doug Easton Fayette
Craig Fairbanks Linn
Linda Fisk Tama
Matt Ford Linn
Nic Freshour Linn
John Gehling Howard
Dawn Gifford Benton
Cindy Golding Linn
Shawn Graham Linn
Ken Heitritter Dubuque
Roger Helmrichs Delaware
Ron Hensel Poweshiek
Karen Huber Linn
Becky Johnson Mitchell
Mark Johnson Mitchell
Dennis Keatley Dubuque
Flip Klinger Linn
Doug Kohoutek Linn
Todd Kuethe Bremer
Dan Lillis Iowa
Mike Loecke Delaware
Megan Loecke Delaware
Brittany Low Worth
Alexis Lundgren Dubuque
Gary Lynch Delaware
Jill Lynch Fayette
Robert McGee Benton
Kazzy McNamara Linn
Kyle Mehman Bremer
Randy Oakley Linn
Mark Olson Winneshiek
Sharon Payne Delaware
Phil Payne Delaware
Kathy Pearson Linn
Mark Peterson Allamakee
Scott Piper Linn
Isaac Richmond Bremer
Tom Sandersfeld Linn
Kevin Schoeberl Howard
Marvin Schumacher Black Hawk
Don Share Black Hawk
Philip Smith Jones
Loran Steinlage Fayette
Justin Steinlage Fayette
Ryan Striegel Iowa
Lindsay Sullivan Linn
Krista Thier Dubuque
Kurt Tjelemeland Linn
Dustin VanZuiden Iowa
Doug Wall Linn
Steve Weighner Allamakee
Kate West Linn
Roger Wetlaufer Linn
Jonathan Westerkamp Linn
Dean Wieland Buchanan
Michelle Wilbers Jackson
Jeanne Woodyard Dubuque